Enterprises videos:

Why and how extend to the Cloud? 

"According to Gartner, before 2018 ends, 75% of employees in large enterprises interact with different types of video more than 3 times a day." 

"Companies are looking to deploys 
"corporate's YouTube" or "corporate's Netflix".   


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When using videos, there are two problematics:  

  • First, teams want to use Cloud solutions to easily share the information in the video with their coworkers  All enterprise departments are concerned: internal communication, 
    Knowledge Management, Digital Learning, Human resources, sales, marketing…  

  • Second, the CIO that might be reluctant to use the Cloud, works to develop the essential infrastructures for the distribution of videos and to ensure the security of your data. 

The synergy of the CIO and all departments teams is therefore essential to ensure the deployment of an efficient Cloud video platform. 

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