Product Sheet:

«Momindum Maker»

"According to a study by Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read a document." 

"A study on memorisation indicates that a person memorises 30% of the message by watching it, 20% by listening to it and 70% when the message combines sound and image in a video."

Download our product sheet to discover all the surprising functionalities of "Maker" to create and realize attractive video presentations.  

You want to create your own videos or boost their impact ? But you don't have technical skills in this field ? 


The new Momindum Maker helps you record and enhance your interactive video presentations.
Training videos, tutorials or shared expertise: make your own corporate videos !  


In this product sheet you will find out how to : 

  • Capture interactive videos with your PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides or screencast. 
  • Use transcript, outline, keyword and more to enhance all your videos ! 
  • How to use the general interface. 

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You want to know more about videos? Discover below our free guides downloads! 

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