Professionnal videos:
The guide of the best softwares to create videos! 

Download our free 61-page guide and discover the best software to produce quality videos.

Video is a very impactful media, which is nowadays essential in companies. However, the creation of content is an important issue. Indeed, the costs involved, the difficulty of getting to grips with certain tools, the lack of in-house technical skills, the necessary creation time and the multitude of offers on the market mean that it is sometimes complicated for companies to find the right tools adapted to their needs. 

In this guide, we have identified the best video content creation software according to your level and needs. 

You will find 35 products divided into these 5 parts: 

  • Mobile applications to record and edit videos.
  • Screen capture software for computers.
  • Recording and enrichment software for computers.
  • Editing and 3D modeling software for computers.
  • Animation software.

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