« The 10 Commandments »
to guarantee the success of your video platform!

Video will represent more than 80% of internet traffic by 2020. Nowadays, every time we ask ourselves a question, we have the habit of consulting our crystal ball: YouTube. With 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute by ordinary people, YouTube has set a breakthrough in the way information is shared. On a professional level, video has also become a must for information.

In this guide, discover important guidelines to help you take the plunge and ensure the success of your video platform.

On a professional level, 96% of the companies surveyed plan to use video to inform, train and communicate in-house

However, most of them have not yet identified how to proceed. The issues of choosing, deploying and adopting a new solution are still major obstacles. How can we unite teams around this major turning point? 


You want to know more about videos? Discover below our guides for free!

Video uses guide for enterprises

CIO & Enterprises videos 

Content creation tools 

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